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If you’d like to ask us to help you with a project please click on our Data Request Form. There is no charge for this service, performed by the Kentucky Transportation Center.

Why does KTSDS Exist?

For data to be useful, they must first be developed into information. From this information, knowledge and even wisdom can be derived. The improper (intentional or unintentional) use of data can result in poor analytical conclusions, waste of resources, and ultimately injury or even loss of life. Accessibility is a key metric to describe the quality of traffic records.

Much has been done in Kentucky to improve the accessibility to data but not to improve the accessibility of information, knowledge, and wisdom that can and should be the goal of a data query. Access to those with the education, training, and experience to provide this outcome is difficult or impossible to many who would benefit from this improved access.

These groups include decision makers, consultants, non-safety state and local agencies, law enforcement groups, attorneys, and the media. For the last 3 categories especially, careful attention must be paid to so-called simple data and information requests such that:

a) all potentially affected parties are aware of the requests
b) information and analysis is properly obtained and developed
c) the information provided is properly documents, and that
d) users are adequately educated as to proper use

Often, data experts must work with requestors  and help them articulate what they actually need to accomplish their goal that precipitated the initial request.

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