Project Info

Project Request Date: 08/23/2017
Project Requested By: Andrew Martin
Principle Investigator: Eric Green

Data Request

We are looking at collecting the more detailed crash data from Kentucky, which is available on the KSP website. The detailed yearly collision extracts can be downloaded going back to 2010. The get the data for years earlier than that, you have to specify the county and a range of dates. As best we can tell, the data goes back to 2004.

We have not been able to get more than about 6 months of data per county at a time. Just doing the math, that would be 120 counties x 2 searches per year x 6 years, which comes to 1,440 searches. Not to mention the site sometimes runs very slow. I was wondering if you have the detailed data for those earlier years (see attachment) anywhere? Or if there’s a better way to obtain it?

Project Write-up

Write up coming soon.

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