Project Info

Project Request Date: 11/27/2017
Project Requested By: Shraddha Sagar – University of Kentucky
Principle Investigator: Eric Green

Initial Inquiry

(Summarized). Looking for GIS files on median data, location, when these medians were installed, time notified, time arrived, time opened for median crashes. 

Project Write-up

The main objective of the project was to identify potential locations to implement Emergency Median Access (EMA) barrier system (replacing concrete barriers) for easy access for emergency vehicles to crash locations. We reviewed the crashes occurred (during 2016) around the concrete barriers in the state and used the event times  to locate areas where it took significantly more time for the Emergency Vehicle to arrive the spot. We suggested a couple of sections in the state where replacement of CB with EMA would improve the ‘Time to Arrive’.

The other team members (Apurva Shikare and Shreyash Sayankar) did a construction analysis on the different type of median gates that can be used to serve the purpose.

Data Provided

Data not included here due to size constraints. Publicly accessible crash data provided includes time notified, time arrived, time opened, collision date, collision time. 



“KTSDS was really helpful in our Median Barrier Gate Project. They provided us with the event times for the crash data which was a crucial information required to achieve the project goal.”

Shraddha Sagar
University of Kentucky – Graduate Student

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