Project Info

Project Request Date: 06/13/2018
Project Requested By:Brian E. Aldridge, PE – Stantec
Principle Investigator: William Staats

Initial Inquiry

…examining the feasibility of converting a couple of near-downtown signalized intersections on US 68X (Morgantown Road and University Drive intersections) into roundabouts and including some minor widening in between. We’ve performed the basic CRF analyses and have looked at CMF’s for the roundabouts, shoulder widening, added lanes, etc. Any chance we can get some input on existing SPF’s for this location?

Project Write-up

Right now, we do not have an urban two-lane SPF, but that is next on the list to develop, so we can update you once we create that SPF.


University drive is an urban four-lane intersection, SPF provided for that. 

Data Provided






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