Project Info

Project Request Date: 6/21/2018
Project Requested By: Freddy Lause – University of Kentucky
Principle Investigator: Eric Green

Initial Inquiry

“My project team was looking to develop a data driven tool to estimate the safety benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles. We wanted to utilize recent crash data (within the past 5 years) to feed into this tool so that we could determine which types of crashes could be mitigated by CAVs.”

Project Write-up

KTC developed a spreadsheet which included publicly accessible data from every crash from the past 5 years.

In order to filter out what was needed, KTC created a separate page that utilized pivot tables. They were interested in the weather conditions when crashes occurred, the directional analysis, the facility type, the KABCO identifier, and the driver age.

Data Provided

Full data too large for website. Examples below:




The work that KTC provided was instrumental to my research as a graduate student. My team was in need of crash data for specific criteria and Eric Green (as well as the good people of KTC) were able to deliver in a timely and professional fashion. I look forward to working with you all in the future and I sincerely hope that other research organizations are as efficient and friendly as you all.

Freddy Lause
University of Kentucky

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