Project Info

Project Request Date: 09/08/2020
Project Requested By: Brian Gregory
Principle Investigator: Benjamin Blandford

Initial Inquiry

KYTC District 4 initially requested in May 2020 a follow-up to the Snow and Ice Route Optimization project due to Breckinridge County adding a different type of truck to their fleet. New routes for Breckinridge County were requested at that time. After the revised results were delivered, a follow-up request was made in September 2020 to provide turn-by-turn directions for the revised truck routes that could be provided to the KYTC truck operators for the upcoming snow and ice season.

Project Write-up & Data Provided

The route optimization model was run for Breckinridge County based upon the updated parameters. Breckinridge County includes six truck routes, so changing the route for one invariably involved tweaking all the others as well. The revised results were delivered in map-form at that time. For the subsequent request, turn-by-turn directions for each of the six routes were developed and produced. The directions were delivered in accompaniment with maps for each of the six routes.

Breckinridge Map

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