Project Info

Project Request Date: 09/29/2020
Project Requested By: Stacey Beason and Casey Pedigo
Principle Investigator: Benjamin Blandford

Initial Inquiry

The request was for an update to the snow and ice route optimization project for District 3. Monroe County had recently completed a bypass around Tompkinsville, and the newly opened route needed to be added to the county’s snow and ice clearance plan.

Project Write-up & Data Provided

The new route was added to the database, and the optimization model for Monroe County was re-run based upon the updates. Monroe County includes five truck routes. Adding the new bypass to the model involved tweaking several of the routes in order to balance the time and distance involved per truck. Once an optimal solution was found, the results in map and tabular form were sent to Monroe County for review. The revised routes were approved by the Monroe County superintendent in October 2020.

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